Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?

they do not just dislike me,

they hate me.

a lot of them.

i can feel it *evil laugh*

but i dont hate them.

i enjoy making them hate me more *evil grin*

but not by doing something bad.

well, to start with, wala naman ako ginagawa na masama sa kanila for them to hate me.

and i dont know exactly why they hate me.

perhaps i have a hint pero ayoko nalang sabihin cause i might be wrong, or baka mag-deny sila that i'm right. sino ba naman aamin? *roll eyes*

and this is perhaps something that i l♥ve about myself,

kapag may galit saken, perhaps someone told me, or the person is obviously showing it, minsan naman sobrang ramdam ko talaga,

gagawin ko,

i'll be extra nice to them.

smile at them.

greet them.

make sure i'm showing my best runway walk,

fiercest facial expression,

expressive eyes,

full lips,

perfect tan. modela? *big laugh*

basta i have to show them im always happy.

because i know with that, they are going to hate me even more.

and their happiness is to see me down,



i'm not giving it to them.

not at all. *evil laugh*

some may desperately do something really bad to express how they hate me.

na nangyari na rin madaming beses.

they are actually free to do that.

i know for sure everyone else will hate them after doing it.

because everyone knew that i've been nice. *wink*

bidang kontrabida lang? *evil laugh*

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