Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Car

this is a story some may be familiar of dahil kasali sila sa characters haha!but no name were mentioned so no one should worry and by the way some parts were changed, ommitted or edited *dahil sobrang obvious na haha* para mapaganda yung story *kung maganda man sya* wala nalang magrereact okay?

it all started at school when i saw this guy and his red vintage car *haha!you say vintage when you do not want to hurt him by saying bulok..but its cute seriously!thats what im saying when i say you cant say that its bulok cause thats what made it cute* i mean him again!schoolmate ko sya nun elementary, classmate ko sya nun first year highschool, i transfered to another school nun second year highschool, he also did..guess what?same school! *im not sure sinu nauna samin dalawa* in college same school parin kami..3rd year college i transfered to another school and you do not want to know who i saw there..its him! *well this time nauna sya magtransfer..and im quite sure im not stalking him*

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