Saturday, June 26, 2010

best things about being inlove with someone from the same school but he's not aware of it

1. you always see him and it gets you kilig and happy all the time

2. you have common friends so you get to see him a lot and talk to him a lot without him knowing that you're inlove with him but you cant tell him cause youre after the not-chasing-him thing

3. you get to be with him like just the two of you alone in inuman almost everyweekend *well at least for one or two hours cause later on, a friend wil be comin over to join*

4. you get to be invited by him to go to a reunion with his elementary school classmates though you're afraid bout being out of place there cause you might not know anyone but its okay cause you're with him and he mentioned you also might know someone there

5. you receive txt msgs from him bout him seeing you in school and he was calling you when you passed by him but you didnt hear him so you werent able to greet him *that sucks!cause you already saw him before he did its just that you immediately looked away cause you're afraid that he might saw you looking at him and might give him the idea of you being inlove with him when youre going for the not-chasing-him thing*

6. youre always excited to go to school though you have the worst schedule ever like youre always struggling for sleep but when you think bout being able to see him in school like he'll be talking to you *you'll be hearing his voice* he'll be smiling at you he'll be seeing you while you laugh while you talk while you cant help but get up and go!you just can no longer live a day without those!

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