Tuesday, June 8, 2010

worst things when youre inlove with your friend and he doesnt know it

worst things when you're inlove with your friend and he doesn't know it *or perhaps he already have a hint but he mentioned that he doesn't like hints and so he's acting like he doesn't have a clue*

1. cant tell him cause you're scared that if he finds out he might not talk to you anymore

2. youre giving hints but he's like dedma *or perhaps just acting like dedma cause as he already mentioned that he doesnt like hints*

3. you already gave him sobrang bonggang bongang hint but he perhaps forgot bout it cause you both were drunk *and he already mentioned that he doesnt like hints bakit ba ang kulit mu kasi?grrrr!*

4. youre always scared na asarin kayong dalawa ng mga officemates mo cause he might figure out tapos he wont talk to you ever again

5. youre always scared of him being close sa ibang gurls and so you are facebook stalking him tapos hirap na hirap ka na cause you cant help yourself from thinkin bout him but no matter what you do, he's always on your mind like every single thing that happens reminds you of him

6. youre thinkin na if ever he likes you too, is it turning him off na everytime your friends were like asking you bout him you kept saying tropa lang

7. kaso youre scared naman na aminin kasi baka he wont talk to you ever again

anu bang gagawin ko????i mean SO..ANUNG GAGAWIN MO?

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