Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Open the book nearest to you. Turn to page 33. Read the 9th sentence. Type it below. This describes the state of your love life.

first of all,

the book nearest to where i am is a cook book.


it is very thin.

it doesn't even have page 33 on it.

so what does that mean?

like i won't have a love life at all?

kapag minamalas ka nga naman.


i such a happy person.

like i won't give up,


i grabbed another book very close to the first book.

and again its a cook book! *roll eyes*

but guess what?

there's page 33 on it.

that made me happy for a second.

but when i looked at the 9th sentence it says,

"let it cool then peel off the skin."

*roll eyes*

like what does that say about my love life?

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